Our mission is to be the leader in the distribution of tools, cutting tools and industrial supplies for the manufacturing and industrial sectors.

 We make a commitment to our clients is to fulfill or even exceed their expectations by relying on a high level of technical knowledge among our staff, on the products that we distribute, and on an impeccable quality of service.

Our leadership is based on:

  • a continuing training program aiming to maintain a very high level of knowledge on the products that we distribute;
  • our efficiency in managing merchandise and in delivering on time;
  • our expertise in developing value-added programs for our clients in order to assist them in improving and increasing the profitability of their supply procedures;
  • Our requirements are high. We set the bar for inventory management excellence, and we fulfill our commitments.



We act with integrity and in compliance with ethics at all times in order to deserve and especially to maintain the respect of our clients, suppliers, colleagues and partners.

Commitment toward excellence
We make the commitment to demonstrate excellence in everything that we do. This includes showing judgement, professionalism, personal discipline, perseverance and team spirit.

Client focus
We make sure to implement a client-focused culture, that depends on exceptional service and the fulfillment of our commitments at all levels of the business.