The Avancia satellite stores (managed by Norvik tools inc.) provide significant reduction of in-factory consumption of products with low unit value but that are used on a highly repetitive basis. Generally, goals of 25% reduction in consumption can easily be achieved using this type of equipment. In addition, the entire purchasing process is automated, and takes place without the need to involve the purchasing department to resupply the dispensing machines, which accomplish this function electronically on a weekly basis by generating emails to the suppliers. In addition to using consignment and minimizing the investment required in purchasing supplies, this method completely eliminates obsolete inventory. 

Avancia offers you five types of equipment or procedures with which to automate your supplies inventory management: 

1-“Spiral” type PTI DistriMag dispensers to manage your industrial supplies. 

2- Iscar brand Matrix for automated management of cutting tools. These are “drawer-type” dispensers, which are more suitable for cutting tools. 

3- Bar code system: inventory management using these bar codes to electronically ensure continuous resupply while eliminating any purchase orders. 

4- Kan Ban System to manage resupply using the 2 Bin System technique. We install inventory storage units directly along your assembly lines, which constitute your first Bin, and we prepare a second reserve Bin in our warehouses. As the inventory is used up on the assembly line, the resupply is done automatically and we release this second Bin, which is delivered to the factory. This process is maintained on a continuous basis and is periodically readjusted according to variations in production. We thereby eliminate any cost of merchandise movement within your plant by bringing the merchandise directly to your assembly line. 

5- In-factory storage of industrial supplies, by installing a warehouse store DIRECTLY IN YOUR WORKSPACE. This can be done with employees whose compensation is handled by Avancia (managed by

Norvik tools inc.). These employees are trained by Avancia and have thorough knowledge of this system in order to be able to manage your inventories efficiently within a well-established framework, with well-defined procedures, and with a concern for optimum performance in managing your inventories and your in-house inventory resupply.