Avancia is a management system designed to optimize our clients’ inventory management and purchasing. 

Avancia provides a very wide range of inventory and purchasing management programs. These programs all share a single goal: to substantially reduce our clients’ overall resupply costs.

Avancia brings you expertise that is recognized in the market, along with a full range of purchasing and inventory management techniques: 

• Comprehensive purchasing integration program

• Bar-code inventory management

• Automatic dispensing machines

• Kan Ban (2 Bin system)

Avancia in-house stockroom (managed by Norvik tools inc.)

• In-house client-dedicated sales clerks

• On-site management at work station

• Training program (mandatory 1% of total wage bill)

• Personnel outsourcing

• Weekly invoicing

All of these management techniques are part of the

Avancia system and put the focus on saving our clients

time and money by directly attacking their overall

acquisition cost by: 

• Adjusting and reducing inventory levels

• Reducing investment  / inventory consignment

• Reducing shipping costs

• Reducing the number of P.O.s issued and the number of invoices

• Reducing employees’ work time

• Reducing outdated inventory

• Inventory consignment